Every high-value income plan requires a large investment, and in this case, we are not talking about money, but knowledge. Bitcoin mining is a process that requires intelligence, patience, and dedication. Many hours can be invested in this challenging and complicated process.

However, it can be very beneficial for those who develop it, since the rewards for mining Bitcoin blocks are very large. The rewards for mining blocks rotate based on two rules established by the creator of this cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin is 11 years old in the cryptocurrency market, moving stably but with really attractive prices. The rules for mining Bitcoin are clear, and to develop the process with the greatest transparency, Change Now takes care of it.
The supply of Bitcoin is finite, and it revolves around 21 million BTC on a limited basis, that as the first rule. The second is the decrease to 50% for each solved block of a total of 210,000 blocks.
The Bitcoin halving move under this same principle, and by the closing of supply and demand. The decrease arises from a large amount of BTC that have been gradually created, preventing its value from decreasing.
By solving block operators can obtain up to 12.5 bitcoin, a high amount if the unique value of BTC is considered. The bitcoin halving occurs every 4 years, this year’s is scheduled for May, specifically the 7.
The managers are preparing everything for that date with the call Bitcoin halving 2020. In an ideal scenario, Bitcoin should not be affected by its value with the reduction. This is something that is not seen immediately.
The law of supply and demand establishes that for Bitcoin, halving 2020 less is equal to more valuable. Honoring the popular “less is more,” in this case, it also applies. It only remains to see how the behavior and reaction will be when the target date approaches, considering all possible scenarios.