Few Tips for Buying Chianti Wine!

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Organic chianti wine (vino chianti biologico) is one of the most popular wines in Italy, and for a good reason. Produced from a blend of Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes, this wine has a light body with fruity aromas and flavors that range from cherry to plums. So if you're planning on making some Italian dishes over the next few weeks, be sure to pick up a bottle or two! Here are our few Tips for Buying Vino Chianti Biologico: *Look for the DOCG label, which guarantees that your wine is made to strict standards. *Chianti wines are produced in many regions throughout Tuscany and central Italy, so be sure you're getting the real thing by looking for Chianti Classico on the label. If it doesn't say this specific region anywhere on the bottle, then the chances are good that it's not authentic Chianti! Likewise, if there aren't any vintage or varietal designations (such as "Riserva" or "Solaia"), then again, don't buy it because you likely won't like what's inside. *Take your time when buying wine since you don't want to rush through the process. Some wineries have tasting rooms where you can try a few different wines side by side before settling on one or more bottles that suit your tastes. You may also find some deals from stores that are looking to get rid of their inventory quickly! Either way, take advantage of this opportunity and sip slowly until you're ready to buy. *You pay extra for convenience, so be sure not to fall into this trap! Stores love it when people think they will save money by buying in bulk or multiple cases at once because most often, they've marked up the price per bottle accordingly. Always check prices online if possible so that you know exactly what each bottle costs. *As you might expect, the price of your wine is directly related to its quality and authenticity (and higher prices don't always mean it's better). So when you find a bottle that sounds delicious, do some research online to see how much others are paying for the same wine.

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